Posted by on 06/10/2015

Call me Genie!

I’m Génesis Serapio, visual architect, social media savvy and content creator from Veracruz, México.

In 2010, I was just a girl passionate about fashion, photography, interiors, graphics and my mexican traditions. I wanted so badly to do something more and express who I am through my love for fashion, but I didn’t know exactly how. Until one day, I was in the supermarket, reading some magazines and then I found an article on ELLE that mentioned all the it mexican-fashion-blogs (at that point I didn’t know what a blog was), down-to-earth girls sharing their style with one of a kind pictures; genuine and real fashion that inspired me to create Brunette Braid.

I had no idea this adventure will become, I just wanted a place to share and to communicate my ideas and my passion.